Fun Facts About Drinking Vodka

Vodka is a favorite drink among many people due to its smooth taste. Vodka has less fusel oils compared to other alcoholic drinks since it is distilled from plants. The drink is carbon filtered which makes it rank among the world’s purest drinks. Vodka is among the oldest liquors in the world. Let us now delve into some fun facts about Vodka which might be news to many. Vodka is distilled from fermented cereals or potatoes. I know this might be a little bit surprising to many, but there are variants made from fruits and sugar.


The word Vodka is borrowed from Voda, a Slavic word for water, and then K was placed at the end to form Vodka. Vodka originated in Poland and Russia, and the two countries are to date in disagreement over who invented the drink.


Russia is the first country in the record to have produced vodka in the 9th century. However, the news came into the limelight of the media later in 1174. In the 14th century, vodka was used for medicinal use. Vodka was in this century described as the Russian national drink by British emissary to Russia. Late in the 16th century, it was crowned the Polish national drink.


During the 19th century at the time of Napoleonic Wars, vodka spread to other parts of Europe through Russian soldiers who were part of the war. The city of Moscow ran out o vodka after World War II due to extensive partying. All Moscow’s private distilleries were confiscated by the Bolsheviks after the Russian Revolution which brought forth the immigration of vodka makers to other parts of the world.


Russia is among the largest consumer of vodka in the world. More than 89% of all alcohol sold in Russia is vodka. Most vodkas from the 1890s to date contain 40% alcohol by volume. Spirytus Polish Vodka contains 96% alcohol content, the highest among alcoholic beverages. Abuse of this vodka drink can be fatal. In September 1998, Siberian teachers were paid for their services in arrears for five months using vodka. Each of the 8,000 teachers was given 15 liters of vodka. The authorities said they had run out of cash.


Unlike whiskey, vodka is not left to mature. The drink is bottled and sold soon after distillation. Vodka has for ages been drunk neat, not mixed with anything including water and soft drinks and is served chilled.


Billionaire Vodka is the most expensive vodka in the world. It is made from a top secret Russian recipe. A five-liter bottle costs $3.7 million. The drink is poured over diamonds, and the bottle is decorated with more than 3,000diamonds and Swarovski crystals that create the alphabet “I” in the brand name Billionaire.


True vodka has no taste and thus can be spiced up using flavors such as pepper, ginger, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, cinnamon or apple depending on one’s taste. Russians even add honey to vodka.


There are many health benefits to the moderate consumption of vodka including reduced stress, a remedy against cold, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke. But if you drink too much, have garlic and ginger for cold and hangover.